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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oooh baby it's cold outside.....

 And talking of cold we went to Edinburgh and now this is my screensaver omn my phone....I look at it regularly!

Dontcha just love him!

and now my babies ( they'd kill me for calling them that ) keeping out the chill in fur hats....ahhh!

style and outfit- Caroline in the dress I made her

I met up with my super-stylish friend Caroline the other day to go to the Decorative Antiques Fair in Battersea Park and she was all ready to go, wearing the dress I made her( Bless her).

We decided to take the train and she took this pic. of me on the platform at Wandsworth Common. I've got my vintage(c. 70's) oxblood boots on and my other favourite hat, which belonged to my mum in the 70's. We had a delicious lunch there of polenta with portobello mushrooms as 'Megans' were doing the catering. Check 'Megans' out on the New Kings Road, sometime!

Here are some of  my favourite things we saw. I love this beautiful mirror, from the 1920's. It is really heavy as its made from cast iron. It was from 'Quindry', 299 Lillie Road, SW6 7LL

Indeed it is.....Speaks for itself!

My favourite thing of all , I think . This exquisite light would look so fantastic in my kitchen, which we're currently doing up(more of that later). It has electric light in the base and then candles around the outside. I've never seen any thing like it, nor had the stall holders themselves( they assured me.Oh, if only!!! But at £1950 I'll have to save up...!

This quirky mirror ( I think it must have been one of a pair origianally ) dates back to 1900. I thinks it's lovely and is a humourous version of the trend that's now everywhere for shaped mirror glass.
This fab coffee table. Just about anything you would put on it would look brilliant.I love the different levels of each surface.

I'd love a few of these in a more rustic version for my teeny tiny garden. Would help to bounce some light around and create the optical illusion of space, I hope!

These lovely rolls of thread all in my favourite shades of pink, dirty pink, sludge, taupe, beige and brown....irristible!

And I absolutely loved these! Pots made out of the tops of pillars from a church, we were delighfully informed from Jackdawes Antiques W14 8UP. £900  for a pair and when I looked there were only four left . I'm sure they've all gone to happy owners now.

There were two of these 'oiel de beouf 'mirrors. They've become a bit of an ubiquitious trend lately , but I'd rather like them in my sitting room either side of the fireplace on the wall which I would love to have circular windows on, if I could do what I really wanted (dream on Anna!)

And finally here's Caroline without her coat....I'm taking orders on these dresses- go on indulge! This one is in wool chiffon with a matching belt and silk slip beneath in a toning colour. £270 the lot! I've also made them in washed silk, and a lovely super light washed cotton for Summer.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I've just worked out how to download from my iphone... the 40th parties are coming thick and fast- this is what I wore to one on saturday,. I took 2 of the pics with hipstmatic app., which I'm loving- moody , perhaps not great for the clothes!

So heres the outfit on 'regular' camera. Lanvin for H and M dress and although I'd prefer to mix it up normally, I'm also wearing the shoes...
I put an Amanda Wakeley circa 2007 jacket over the top....

style and outfit-What I've been wearing this week and where I've been going!

I'm job hunting at the moment and I wore this to a job interview the other day- I hope I get the job! Quite a succesful winter outfit I think...

In homage to Karl Lagerfeld I wore this to the Wolseley for a 40th birthday lunch , whilst his new range launched online at net-a-porter, I was sipping a glass or two of something fizzy and delicious.Yes, I was missing out on his new offerings, but  I was thrre in spirit in this rig!

The coat I wore over the top.....