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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ode to Kate and Rupert's house!

Kate's crockery cupboard

Amber( not K 'n 'R's dog- but she looks perfect with the floor!)also she's more of a topaz in colour!

Matilda 9K'n R's dog)

The other thing that is so nice about Kate and Rupert's house is that although kate has taken a great deal of time withthe design and finding lovely things to put in it the kids just tear around in it having a great time...

Oh did I mention-Kate can cook too... Coffe and hazlenut meringues, squidgy in the middle.....

Kates lamb shank- cooked with gratings of 70 percent chocolate.....

Hamish and Flo


Kate 'N' Rupert

Kate's dressing table

every where you look there is an interesting detail...things are well placed but then lived in makes a comfortable and stylish look

glamourous bedroom

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