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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

OH dear reader.....Remember when I said 'get a hat?....'

 Oh dear reader...Where have I been?  I've been in London BUT unfortunately I've been far too busy with the drudgery and  mundanities of  everyday life.So, nothing very inspiring  and not very inspired, consequently not much to show you.I am sorry! please keep watching.I will get my act together.
It's  been like a conspiracy, I swear- every interesting thing that I've done recently has produced rubbish picures or something has gone wrong! For example, I went to the FANTASTIC Tim Walker exhibition
(I urge you to go-it's free!) at Somerset House. I naughtily ( but didn't really compute it at the time and only when ws told off realised how wrong I was being1) took one photo and was nearly thrown out. I went to the bookshop to buy the book and they had sold out and I'm still waiting for it to come back into stock.I was going to take a few pics of my faves.Anyway, when it does arrive, I will take some and I will show you some, but for now.....Ive been on the world wide web looking for a good time.... and remember I said get a hat.......? well just to prove what I mean. Could BB look any better?
                                     LOVE David Bowie, and here I JUST love Liz Taylor.
                                                                    oh yes she could....
              The ultimate girl in a school girl boater- I mean seriously..... Catherine Deneuve
                                                                      And again..
                                                                 And another...
                                                                    Romy Schneider
                                                               perfect pillbox
                                     BB again-if this doesn't inspire hat buying nothing will!
                                                   although, this is perfect for eveyday- love the shirt too.
                          And this is a personal favourite...Catherine Deneuve again- love the scarf too. Copy that!
                                                       Marilyn Monroe sultry 60's take...
                                                Love this Japanese poster of Deneuve
                    Roll up some rope and wear it- a resemblance to Gwyneth Paltrow here- no?
                        Giddyup Romy- If I ever go to Ascot again- this is my inspiration....
                                                        That hat those hoops- classic
                  Romy down the local boozer- in the days when you were allowed a fag.
Think the look needs toughening up- Try a beret Debbie Harry's way.
                                             Utility army surplus never looked better.
                                                   Two birds on the beach in straw
                                               Love the ( more ) natural Brigitte Bardot
                                                     Romy Schnieder- turban delight.
                                       cool without the hat but with it just in another league
                   As I said - if you want to get noticed- just wear a hat... Romy Schnieder

                                           Images from google search, tumblr.

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