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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


                              Last week I showed you some great hat looks, well, if you haven't found 'the' hat yet then better sort out your hair!A tall order I know and why is it that the bad hair days just seem to come round more regularly?Maybe all we all need is a little inspiration....
                                           (Deneuve) Not a hair out of place-I love this
 Romy Schnieder - and that necklace- is this necklace what inspired Van Cleef and Arpels?
 Also cool on Denueve is this  more tumbled look and I think this is her sister Francoise Dorleac and here she is maybe more unapproachable than Deneuve herself!

                                                             Jane Birkin- a natural
                                                          Great hair, great shirt.
                                 great hair( probably terrible condition but photographs SO well)
                  Deneuve-NOT unapproachable here, almost trailer park- LOVE her!Love the gypo hoops
                                        For out of condition hair that looks AMAZING- this is THE best and she used to do it herself- this photograph epitomises why I genuinely wanted to BE her.If I could get my hair to do this, I know I'd be happy, I just know.
                               But then... this is divine- double breasted coat slightly prim blonde.
                                                or throw caution and hair to the wind
                                                       looks so easy....with an up do...

                                                       piled up and a ruffle....irresistible
                               scraped back centre parting and sleek on Romy Schnieder-SO COOL
                                                                    pretend bob
                                                           ballet band and backcombing
BB- 70's and on the face
 Romy Schnieder 70's and off the face
                                                                     tousled and UP
                                                        70's sunkissed foxy and down
                                                                 a beautiful mess
plaits prim and punky

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