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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Style edit-hooked on classics-

How do I define a classic? Well, for me the truly classic are those looks from any time that despite being a bit dated still look good. I'd go so far as to say that these are often the more subdued looks of a time rooted by some classic rules. As much as I love those with an outlandish personal style, I love longevity and when I shop I think about this. I may want  a classic trench but if I'm going to buy one I will get the most up to the minute, cut not the cut that SEEMS the most classic. And if I am buying something that has an outlandish silhouette I'll buy it in a classic colour. Mind you, rules are there to broken and there are exceptions- sometimes the whole package has to be garish loud and OUT THERE and if it wasnt , it wouldnt be good!
 But  day to day I can't deny that I love realism and for me to be truly well dressesd is to be appropriate with the unexpected. Let's start with the denim jacket- my least favourite so called classic- looks great on MM though!
Trench, Chanel bag-still looking for my perfect pair of these....

                                         Rolls Royce and tartan- really like the patterned tights too.
                                            trench and backcombed hair and a bow
                            Louis Vuitton bag- white shirt, slacks, db jacket, good shades, travelling in style never goes out of style
                                          Red lipstick
white plimsolls, daps, sneakers, tennis shoes ( call them what you will) an black suit. Eternally cool etternally effortless.
                                                        mans shirt tied at waist
                                                      Spotty fur- a bit off but so ON.
 stripes,frayed denim and espadrilles
                                                   its the way you wear it- right?
                                                         denim and t shirt and sneakers
                              romantic white peasant blouse, great fitting jeans, mans belt and attitude
                                              Chanel suit, chignon and a cigarette- they just go!


More Chanel- this era just seems perfect- LOVE the shoes, the bag, the jacket...
the black polo neck

                                                           rock chick skinnies- forever....
                                                                 chandelier earrings

The ultimate breton stripe top- note how it rides up the neck

from google images, tumblr 

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