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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Style edit-How to...... wear a scarf

                                      Instead of a hat with hair scraped back on Romy Schnieder.
                                          Jane Birkin jazzes up her simple sweater dress
Strictly speaking not a scarf but a fat tie- but such a great look I couldn't resist it.Note the belt and the bracelet and the Burberry cape!Jane Birkin

                                              The classic Hermes on Catherine Deneuve.
                        One of my favourites in this lot- the hair helps too. Debbie Harry
Another favourite ( love the hat- see earlier post) This is SUCH a good look. Catherine Deneuve
                                                                  Debbie Harry
                                                        As a choker on Brigitte Bardot
                            Loose like young Marilyn ( when she was still Norma Jean)
                                                    Betty Catroux( YSL's friend and muse)
Marisa Berenson in green silk turban and matching eye shadow soaking up the rays...( probably just slathered olive oil onto her skin)
Horsey and a bit severe on Brigitte Bardot and not really a scarf but a great neck treatment.

 Celine winter 2013- LOVE this look and love the way the scarf is tied- wondering why I haven't seen more people doing this!?
                    Kate Moss doing her Brigitte Bardot crossed with Jane Birkin inspired look.

                                The classiest classic headscarf wearer Audrey Hepburn
                                                              and again but younger
 Jackie O- quirky because of its size but clever as it looks classsic and appropriate but isn't frumpy.
                                      The coolest princess- pre princess days Grace Kelly
                                                           Brigitte bandana bandit
                                       Jackies take off and landing style- brilliant bad hair cover up
                   also brilliant- her tiny frame and plain outfit enlivened so simply by the scarf.
Below the Gorgeous Romy Schneider- love the idea of matching blouse and scarf.

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