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Thursday, 6 December 2012

style edit- put you in the shade. cant get the hat or the hair right try some shades

                            I was always advised to get glasses that emulate the shape of your brow and if they don't make sure they cover them entirely. I'd add that if you have a round face don't wear round specs and if you have square face don't wear square, etc - you get the gist!Big granny specs on Marisa Berenson
                                                 Big ray bans Debbie Harry
                               Cute wing on MM- good example of following her brow shape.
                        with Alain Delon- Is that the chicest fleece youve ever seen???!!!

                                               Note the unpierced ears- thats real chic!!!

my favourite - I would LOVE these.

pictures from google images, tumblr

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