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Sunday, 12 February 2012

floors and ceilings

I'm looking for a floor for my downstairs loo...I want something patterned and busy. I like a hectic small space! This is a floor in France.
and another floor in France.

I love this Moroccan shaped tile (one is gold the other chocolate) I loved it so much I got a quote from Fired came to a whopping £1695.26 for my tiny loo space which is 2.66 metres squared!Now I'm all for having what you really want , but I like to achieve a whole look ( not just the floor, the shoes, etc) so thrift IS essential.  I think part of the fun is having a budget and I often like to start with a concept and then challenge myself to see how cheaply I can do it! so much as I love this , it won't make the cut!

These encaustic patterned tiles are from Fired Earth as were the previous but my quote came to £730.50. a whole lot cheaper but I was hoping for something in the region of £350!

I'm also stockpiling possible wallpapers for my hall . I want to paper the ceiling so it needs to work all ways up... I rather like the idea of geometric floor in one space and geometric ceiling elsewhere...
This is Neisha Crosland

This is Neisha Crosland- I love it. I've also got a feeling that small repeats are coming back after all the really large scale wallpapers that have been around.

This is Kelly Wearstler for Schumacher trellis design

This trellis is Manuel canovas. Same formation as the Morrocan tile above. I really like this and I now think it might be a strong contender in the kitchen.... rather than the hall ceiling.

Talking of my kitchen... What I really want is a Zuber landscape on the wall. I took a trip to their showroom the other day... they really are exquisite. I can't show you one- I can only dream and you will have to imagine!

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