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Friday, 14 December 2012

Enough of that!!!

Enough of 'Keep calm and carry on'- the only one that was ever any good was the original. I'M SICK to my back teeth of seeing 'keep calm and shop local',' keep calm and eat cupcakes',  don't keep calm and f... off in my veiw!!!!
If only I was funny and could come up with something better tthan the above. We doctored our 11 YEAR old poster- that's how long this trend has been going- I kid you not I was amongst the first...( ha ha- what a claim!!!) I can't decide whether I'm proud of myself for being such a commercial trend spottter or whether I feel embarressed about the slew of C..P that ensued because of it..... ours now says 'keep Anna and Harry on it' to remind us to just keep slogging away at the mundanity.
 More stuff I HATE includes the ridiculous expressions 'trending' and 'channeling' as in 'she's channeling Betty Catroux' or whoever- seriously, what ever happened to proper language?
I supose I should have just had a 'sick day' a la USA instead of sharing this vitriole...


  1. You were indeed very early on that dead horse. I saw it first at your house! I'll never forget how amazing I thought it was. Wanted one!

  2. Couldn't agree more - and whilst we're at it could we also throw cup cakes, union jack cushions and 'vintage inspired' onto the crapola bonfire... How have these been 'trending' for so long?

    And what happen to tribes in fashion, does everyone just want to look the same now? When I was a teen we had goths, new romantics, preppy, sloanes, hip-hoppers, street casual and clubbers etc all at the same time - fashion was just so much FUN!

  3. Yes-total crap... have you ever noticed that no one can eat a whole cupcake?- case closed. gimmicks- urgh.
    and all those tribes were subvertable too. I was a new romantic sloane with goth friends.....