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Monday, 5 March 2012

Housekeeping!!! Take the drudge out of it( a bit!) with these products...

This smells delicious. Of almonds. I love it.I've got shabby (v. shabby ) painted floorboards and this transcends them to fragrant heavenliness when I clean them with it!  Methods wood polish smell the same too.

Ecover limescale remover. It really works and it's green. I love my chrome to look shiny but I loathe using regular limescale removers as I know they are full of hideous chemicals. This is a brilliant product. Spritz it on , leave a while and then scrub with a bit of elbow grease and scourer and hey presto-shiny, shiny, watermark, free, O.C.D. taps, shower glass, etc.

More green and delicious smelling cleaning products from Method. All of this range smells great, they don't seem to 'get up my nose ' the way non green cleaning products do. And they really work, work but they are a little pricier. I note, though, that they seem to last longer than others and the bottles are bigger than most, so perhaps the price tag is not so inflated  after all. 'Homebase' and 'Waitrose' stock the full range and the other super markets are lagging behind. Actually 'Sainsburys' is really rather poor on green cleaning products ranges .Certainly, my local branch don't stock their own 'green' variety of cleaning products. I can go so far as saying that this puts me off shopping there!

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