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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Style and outfit-my new trousers

I made these and have been loving wearing them. They are high in the waist with pleats and a tapered and cropped leg. I LOVE the pockets and you can really slouch around in them, well sort of, if it's possible to slouch in high heels, because they don't work with flats on me- my arse looks ENORMOUS and my legs look really short. Oh dear, the vagueries of  vanity and fashion...
 Check out my shoes too. Brilliant vintage find... the say' Colette Couture Paris' inside. Unworn! Beautiful burgundy suede, soft as chamois. The ankle straps are shaped so when you tie them they fall prettily no matter what. A tiny attention to detail but lovely. The shape of the toe is a lovely almond.

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