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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Layering for 1st days of Spring Sunshine...

For meeting a client, for a shopping session the other day, I was pretty pleased with this concoction.It was a beautiful sunny day, as you can see from the pics, but with a distinct nip in the air. I knew I'd be in and out of shops and would need layers and relative comfort as well as  a bit of a 'look' going on. I also had to factor in that after my client I'd be racing to get my children from school.( Read-comfort!- low heels)
 I put my sheepskin gilet under my 'Maje' a line coat and stepped into my 'Maje' ankle boots (the heel is a really good height for all day -see my earlier post- maybe even my first one!)Topshop Baxter skinnies, trusty hat and I was ready to go. I'm outside my front door, which I painted for the Royal Wedding last year- I'm sticking with it now for the Jubilee...

Underneath I'm wearing  my sparkly Zara knit over a silk blouse I made. It's an easy look but just dressed up enough once I've taken off the coat.

And here I am without the fur gilet under the coat.It's all about the hat really...isnt it? If I have one piece of advice to give , it's 'get a hat'.I don't know what it is about the hat but whenever I'm wearing it I tend to get great service in shops and people are immensely polite!  You should see Garance Dore's post  I must say -My hat doesn't have quite as an astonishing effect as Garance's but if you want to get noticed - get a HAT!

Here  I  go!

I'm off!

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